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A highly presentable Eco-friendly handmade paper which neither uses wood or chemicals as raw material.

Our paper uses virgin cotton shreds as raw material instead of wood or already used paper. Unlike recycled paper, our paper has the qualities of virgin paper. By not using wood as raw material, we therefore preserve natural resources like trees and water. Nowhere in raw material or during the process of manufacture, harmful chemicals are used as whitening/brightening/bleaching agents. Most of the shades are extracted from the shreds and are natural. For some varieties, we use vegetable colors like henna, turmeric, tea etc.

More than 300 varieties of pictorial and creative effects make the paper highly presentable.

Our paper is ideal for converted products like letterheads, Envelopes, Note books, File covers, Exercise books, Business cards in addition to boxes for Apparel, Jewelry including folding boxes for Toothpaste, Tissue paper, Detergent, Tea, Sugar, Perfume etc. Also available are Shopping bags, Wine bottle bags, Wedding/Invitation/Greeting cards, Checkbooks and covers thereof. The paper is ideal for Gift-Wrap, CD cover-cum-Greeting card.

The paper is available in weights from 100 gsm to 300 gsm in the form of sheets of maximum size 22"x30"